Cancellation Policy

At SWSST, we do our absolute best not to cancel any class outright. In most cases, a class will simply be rescheduled. A refund may be processed if the Attendee cannot attend a rescheduled class.

There will be no cancellations, by the Attendee, within One (1) Calendar Month before the 1st day of Class. There will be NO refund processed. Substitutions of the Student are allowed unless specified by our Training Partner.

In rare occurrences, our Training Partner reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. In this case, neither the Attendee nor SWSST would be at fault. A refund request will be processed in this case.

An event cancellation coverage policy may be secured by SWSST for an upcoming class.

Any Cancellation without advanced notice for Set-Aside (Private) Classes will be subject to a 20% charge.

***Special COVID-19 Message***

In these uncertain times, rescheduling per COVID-19-related restrictions may be out of our control. We, SWSST, will do our absolute best to guarantee a great experience in these trying times. Social distancing guidelines will be adhered to.