Commercial Refrigeration

Split, Self-Contained, Built-Up, Specialty, Ultra-Small Chiller

Commercial Supermarket Case Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration

This 5 Day Training covers 5 Courses:

Case Product Knowledge

This course provides the participant with an overview of the entire range of refrigerated display cases manufactured and sold by Hillphoenix.

Case Installation, Start-Up, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

This course provides a working knowledge of the installation, start-up, maintenance, and troubleshooting procedures for Hillphoenix refrigerated cases.

Medical Process Chillers

Specialty - MedProc Chillers

Dimplex Training Program

Taught by a DTS Service manager, training includes classroom-style training. 

Machine operators, maintenance and service professionals, and production supervisors are invited to take part in order to improve your organization’s productivity and uptime.

We understand that most processes today utilize fluid cooling systems which are critical to maximizing process efficiency and equipment longevity. Our cooling expertise and responsive customer service are available in several options as well as the ability to develop a customized OEM design.