Light Commercial  HVAC

Split, Package, DRAC, Built-Up, Boxcar Package, Small Chiller & Small Boiler

Carrier Applied Packs

Package (Boxcar), Large for Light Commercial application

Service Mechanics taking this class will learn to service Carrier 48/50A, N, P, Z series gas & electric type Boxcar - over 25 tons.

Improve the troubleshooting skills and product knowledge of HVAC technicians

Use troubleshooting documents to quickly determine and repair system faults

Detailed coverage of installation, startup, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the refrigeration, heating, economizer, and system options

Carrier RTU Packs

Package, Small for Light Commercial application

Service Mechanics taking this class will learn the proper procedures used to maintain and service Carrier 48/50 TC, HC, PG, LC, FC, and GC series gas, electric, and heat pump type RTUs - 25 tons and under.

In-lab exercises on working rooftop units and simulators are used to provide training exercises for wiring diagram interpretation, compressor, airside, and control/sensor troubleshooting.

Procedures learned will help quickly diagnose and repair refrigeration, gas heating, heat pump, economizer, airside, and system operation problems.

Electromechanical, ComfortLink, PremierLink, and the RTU-OPEN Control systems and their operation are covered.

Staged air volume, ECM and VFD applications, Humidi-MiZer Adaptive dehumidification system, EnergyX heat recovery, and various economizer options are explained.

Daikin VRV IV

VRF/V for Light Commercial application


This course covers the proper Installation practices for the Daikin VRV IV indoor and outdoor heat pumps and heat recovery systems and accessories.


This course covers the proper practices for the Daikin VRV IV equipment product line to include the pre-commissioning and System Commissioning Steps, set up of Selected Remote Controller and Outdoor Unit Field Settings, Outdoor Unit with Ducted Discharge Air & Indoor Units.

Vertiv Thermal Management Perimeter Systems

TM301I Vertiv Thermal Management Perimeter Systems with iCOM Networking

Participants will learn via instructor-led presentations, demonstrations, hands-on lab sessions using factory-built simulators, programming, troubleshooting, and written assessment (passing is 80% or better).

This course prepares the student to safely and correctly perform critical tasks required to commission, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair the DS-VS / CW / PDX / PCW / Challenger and Smart Row DCR with PDX units with iCOM control, the new MC condenser and other heat rejection devices. Homework assignments are part of the class curriculum.

Additional Videos on Unitary HVAC